Jonah said his name

This morning started with Jonah coming in to stand at the side of the bed looking at me. I must not have looked as though I would  not stir anytime soon so he decided to squeeze my nose. Of course I opened my eyes and scooped him up. He only layed for a few minutes before he started to say, “breakfast”. When we got out of bed, I leaned into the mirror and asked him who that was, pointing at him. The next word out of his mouth completely shocked me and made me the happiest, proudest Mommy. He said, “Jonah” with a big sheepish smile. This is quiet a big deal because he has never said his name before. He knows it when you call him or talk to him but he has never referred to himself by name before this morning. In fact when ever you asked him who he was or who’s toy, he would always say, “Levi”. I honestly thought he might not be able to distinguish himself, seperate from his brother? He began talking at 20 months. He knew the basics with Mommy, Daddy, Bubbie and it did not take long for him to start parroting. He is now asking questions, grouping words together and having the most fun saying the big words. Tonight at dinner, I couldn’t tell if he actually wanted to keep eating pepperoni or if he was just having too much fun saying it. He ate about 20 pieces! We count to 10 and say all the letters of the alphabet. He knows his colors and shapes. He only says circle and oval but he can pick out star, square and triangle when asked to. Now he’ll tell you who he is and that he’s two!